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We help franchise and multi-location businesses engage with and respond faster to their customers on phone, text and online, improving the effectiveness of the brand’s marketing spend and maintaining consistency of customer communication across their network.



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Who Agentz Serves

The challenge of running a small business is multiplied for franchise and multi-location networks. Inconsistencies in marketing and operational adoption, customer experience and revenue optimization are all challenges inherent from location to location.

Agentz has developed a solution that meets the needs of the small business owner while supporting the goals of the franchise brand for communication & operational efficiency, customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth.

How Agentz Helps

Agentz is not just another chatbot. It’s an omnichannel communication platform that attends and guides customers on phone, text, and online. Our approach leveraging intelligent technology engages with website visitors as soon as they arrive helping to direct them to what they need – fast. By proactively guiding the customer, whether it be to learn more about the business, schedule an appointment, leave a message or chat with the business live, Agentz is designed to drive the right outcomes – a satisfying customer experience along with customer acquisition and retention for the location.

One of the biggest opportunities locations have to grow their revenue is to take full advantage of their inbound calls. Too often, the typical location misses upwards of 30% of their calls. Even just a 10% missed call rate can impact the location’s bottom line. Agentz ensures that no customer call goes unanswered – ever. When the location is extra busy or even closed, the Agentz Digital Receptionist is the perfect back-up plan to ensure not another customer gets missed.

How It Works

Agentz interacts with your brand’s customers in three ways: via phone, SMS, and online channels like your website.

  • Engages with and directs online visitors instantly
  • Broadcast special messages via the chatbot banner – no website coding needed!
  • Answers customer questions via our AI-driven chatbot
  • Takes appointment requests or sends a customer to online appointment calendar
  • Takes messages for the business
  • Allows the business to “jump in” and chat live with website visitors
  • Automates off-hours communication
  • Answers a missed call, takes a voicemail, sends an automated text response and facilitates texting between the customer and the business.
  • Capture all customer communication transcripts for tracking and easy follow-up

And it Does Work!

Agentz does what it was designed to do. Engaging with website visitors to drive desired outcomes results in no missed calls and more new customers. Some of our network-wide stats:

  • 25% of online visitors engage with Agentz
  • 33% of engagements take place after hours
  • 20% of website visitors convert to a contact or appointment

How We’re Different

  • We’re designed to handle the nuances of franchise and multi-location networks ensuring consistency of customer experience across the brand but also allowing for location-specific customization. This makes installation and setup a breeze at the national or location level
  • Unlike other chatbots, the Agentz Digital Receptionist doesn’t just sit quietly waiting for your customer to raise their hand. We’re like the shop greeter asking “How can I help you?” when you walk into a store and start browsing. We use our intelligent conversation flows to engage your website visitors in order to drive towards specific outcomes such as capturing customer contact information and scheduling appointments
  • We take it a step further past basic business information and give you access to our pre-trained industry-specific knowledge base to handle a myriad of customer questions. Other providers skip this feature altogether or require the business owner to complete the time-consuming task of inputting their own questions and answers. At Agentz, we use our experience to do the heavy lifting for you. We create a brand-specific knowledge base that is replicated across your network yet still has the flexibility for customization at the location level
  • Your brand’s unique knowledge base continually improves. As we gather data about how customers interact with your brand, the Agentz Digital Receptionist learns and updates the knowledge base accordingly. This leads to continually better website visitor experiences and more customers for your locations

Our Technology

No heavy coding or deep integration timelines are required.

The Agentz structural hierarchy allows our simple location-based pixel to be added to your website at the domain or subdomain level. Controlled via your Agentz online dashboard, you can turn on or off the Agentz Digital Receptionist at will for any location at any time. No going into the code of the website for simple pauses, starts or stops.


Robust reporting.

As the franchisor or multi-location owner, you will have access to see across your locations the level of engagement with the Digital Receptionist during and after business hours. Things like call reports, captured contacts and appointments help show success at the location level.

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