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In minutes, you can be and running with an industry-leading AI-driven solution that engages your website visitors, answers their questions, schedules appointments, takes messages and responds to missed calls.  


The perfect 24/7 backup plan for the SMB, the Agentz digital receptionist is purpose-built to do the work you don’t always have time to do.   Nobody does everything Agentz does.  Nobody.


How It Works

Agentz never takes a day off interacting with your customers in three ways: via phone, SMS and on your website.


  • Engages with and directs website visitors instantly
  • Answers customer questions via our AI-driven chatbot
  • Takes appointment requests or sends customer to your online appointment calendar
  • Takes messages for your business
  • Allows you to “jump in” and chat live with your customers
  • Automates your off-hours communication
  • Alerts when a call is missed allowing you to quickly respond to your customer via text
  • Captures all customer communication transcripts for tracking and easy follow-up

Why Agentz?

Never miss another customer.

Our integrated solution allows business owners to respond fast so they never miss a call, text, or online inquiry, giving communication convenience to their customers


AI driven conversation flows.

Our industry-leading technology combines intelligent conversational workflows with our custom, vertical-specific knowledge bases. Nobody else does this. Nobody!


Higher engagement.

Unlike other chatbots, the Agentz digital receptionist doesn’t just sit quietly waiting for your customer to raise their hand. We’re like the shop greeter asking “How can I help you?” when you walk into a store and start browsing. We know that by proactively engaging online users we can meet their needs faster and produce a higher number of new customer contacts and scheduled appointments. This helps grow your customer’s revenue


Pre-trained knowledge base.

Our industry-specific knowledge base can answer more questions than just the basics. This provides an additional layer of sophistication and customization that other services simply don’t offer. At Agentz, we use our experience to do the heavy lifting for you by building out knowledge bases that still have the flexibility for customization at the location level


We’re affordable.

Designed with the small business in mind, we have created a tool that does what it’s intended to do and at a very competitive price

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*Free trial offer valid only for new customers. Free trial period is for 30 days after which the subscription cost is $299 per month. Some customers may have pricing discounts based on a promo code.  All call tracking, SMS text are included in our low monthly rate. Your credit card will be charged at the end of your free trial in the amount of your monthly rate which may include a discount promotion. There is no obligation to continue past the free trial. You may cancel at any time during or after the trial.  Free trial users must agree to our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use and Privacy Policy.