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Sold standalone or as part of a product bundle, Agentz helps partners and resellers improve the efficacy of their existing products, grow their revenue, and make their customers even stickier.




  • Grow your revenue
  • Prove value and improve the efficacy of your existing products
  • Retain more customers and improve LTV
  • Surpass your competitors




Who Agentz Serves

Marketing agencies

Your customers have been asking for a digital receptionist and Agentz has the right solution. Our omnichannel approach to customer communication ensures that the marketing efforts you perform on your customer’s behalf are fully leveraged. Grow your own revenue while you help them grow theirs.

Integrated partners

Agentz is the low-cost, high-value compliment that keeps your product offerings current and boosts your bottom line. We’re a great fit for communication cloud services, SMB SaaS providers of email, survey, reputation and CRM, large scale website builders, marketing solutions providers, online directories, call tracking services, and human-powered after-hours services. Use our API to seamlessly integrate Agentz into your product suite.

How It Works

Unlike other solutions that require human monitoring and intervention whether by the business themselves or an outsourced third party, Agentz is an evolutionary omnichannel solution that uses AI-driven technology to interact with customers in three ways: via phone, SMS, and online channels like your website.


  • Engages with and directs online visitors instantly
  • Broadcast special messages online, via text and phone message
  • Answers customer questions via our AI-driven chatbot
  • Takes appointment requests or sends a customer to an online appointment calendar
  • Takes messages for the business
  • Allows the business to “jump in” and chat live with website visitors
  • Automates off-hours communication
  • Answers a missed call, takes a voicemail, sends an automated text response and facilitates texting between the customer and the business.
  • Capture all customer communication transcripts for tracking and easy follow-up

Our Technology

It’s easy to install.

For partners who simply want to resell as a standalone product, there is no heavy coding or deep integration timelines required. The Agentz structural hierarchy allows our simple location-based pixel to be added to websites at the domain or subdomain level.


We’re API driven.

Use our API’s to integrate the Agentz solution into your own product set and data into your customer dashboard


We offer flexible products.

Not all end-customers are the same. Depending on the needs of your client base, we can tailor our product to meet the feature and price point demand.

Why Partner with Agentz

Never miss another customer.

Our integrated solution allows business owners to respond fast so they never miss a call, text, or online inquiry, giving communication convenience to their customers


AI driven conversation flows.

Our industry-leading technology combines intelligent conversational workflows with our custom, vertical-specific knowledge bases. Nobody else does this. Nobody!


Higher engagement.

Unlike other chatbots, the Agentz digital receptionist doesn’t just sit quietly waiting for your customer to raise their hand. We’re like the shop greeter asking “How can I help you?” when you walk into a store and start browsing. We know that by proactively engaging online users we can meet their needs faster and produce a higher number of new customer contacts and scheduled appointments. This helps grow your customer’s revenue


Pre-trained knowledge base.

Our industry-specific knowledge base can answer more questions than just the basics. This provides an additional layer of sophistication and customization that other services simply don’t offer. At Agentz, we use our experience to do the heavy lifting for you by building out knowledge bases that still have the flexibility for customization at the location level


We’re affordable.

Designed with the small business in mind, we have created a tool that does what it’s intended to do and at a very competitive price

Partnering with Agentz

Agentz wants you to be successful. Our partner programs include product customization, training for your teams, and even assistance with your marketing materials. Get started today and let Agentz help guide you through your product roll-out.

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