The Problem We Solve

The Problem We Solve

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About Agentz

Agentz is a technology company based in Silicon Valley, founded by entrepreneurs with decades of experience in building technology companies including and Weblistic. Agentz was born out of the founder’s personal experience of operating a small business where he realized how difficult it is for SMBs to compete and stay on top of everything without automation.

Evolution of automation

Technologies are ever-evolving to better suit the needs of the small business.  Internet enabled automated conversation is no exception.

Build a Chatbot

Person-to-person conversations came first

  • Requires the SMB to have staff logged in to man chat sessions with customers
  • Almost impossible to manage 24/7
  • Customers frequently can not initiate a chat response resulting in poor user experience
  • Pricing frequently “per seat” making it cost-prohibitive to some

To save time, outsourcing came next

  • Chat sessions typically manned by non-US based teams
  • Location and time-specific questions poorly handled
  • Providers handle multiple chat sessions at one time resulting in slow, impersonal service
  • Pricing typically per session

But what was really needed? AI-driven automation

Most AI-Driven ChatBots are Incomplete

Most AI-driven
SMB tools are incomplete

  • No or limited integration with SMS and phone
  • Very basic, unintelligent question and answer flows
  • No pre-trained knowledge base by industry
  • Lack of continuous learning enabling always-improving customer experience

At Agentz, we knew we could do better.

Introducing the Agentz AI-Driven Digital Receptionist

Introducing the Agentz Automated Assistant

The Agentz automated assistant is the first true, comprehensive Engagement & Communication Automation Tool, or ECAT, designed for small and medium businesses.

Today’s consumers demand immediate response and, by combining multi-channel communications with pre-trained knowledgebase and conversation workflows, the Agentz automated assistant ECAT ensures that customers are meaningfully engaged with real-time, 24/7.

Designed and built by experienced small business owners, Agentz is the perfect addition to assist the increasingly busy, multi-tasking small business. Agentz supports:

  • Multichannel communication via phone missed call handling, SMS text, Direct Message apps and website
  • Intelligent conversational flows that answer questions and drive towards desired outcomes: new customer contacts and appointments 
  • Pre-trained knowledgebase custom by industry – we do  most of the heavy lifting for you while other providers require you to input your own Q&A
  • Live website monitoring and “jump in chat” capability

Our Mission

Agentz is committed to helping SMBs thrive. Using AI-powered technologies, we help businesses automate customer communications on every channel and handle routine operational tasks so that they never miss a customer again.