NEWS: Agentz launches Connect Now SMS feature

January 18, 2024 – Agentz launches Connect Now SMS, its instant AI SMS conversation launcher.

The Connect Now feature allows consumers to begin instantly communicating with businesses using SMS. By simply by entering their mobile number in the Connect Now widget on any website property and pressing send, an AI-driven conversation launches on their mobile device.
With 73% of consumers preferring texting a business vs. calling and using an IVR, Connect Now was designed in response to Agentz client demand to help them capture more customers across more digital assets including landing pages and other web properties.
Unlike the standard chatbot window which lives in the lower right-corner of a website, businesses can place the Connect Now widget anywhere on their website. This anywhere placement affords more strategic options for businesses to capture consumer mobile numbers and hold conversations through the use of AI. 

Learn more about the Agentz Connect Now SMS feature. Connect Now SMS is available through the Agentz Pro plan

NEWS: Agentz launches webform automation API

November 28, 2023 – Agentz helps marketers convert more leads, grow revenue, and reduce marketing spend waste.

In response to the growing demand from marketers and brands to be able to use AI to automate replies and customer engagement in response to website form submissions, Agentz has released its new webform automation API.

Solving the problem of slow response times or even lack of response to online form submissions, the webform automation API enables marketers to convert more customers and grow revenue by instantly responding to webform submissions using AI SMS communication.

Webform automation uses an API to auto-respond to webform submissions from your website, landing page, or any other inbound lead source. It can also be connected to any other website or landing page CTA. All conversation transcripts are captured in the Agentz CRM with APIs available to deliver them to a client’s preferred CRM.

Currently, marketers and website developers can connect using the Agentz API or by setting up a Zapier webhook. 

Learn more about the Agentz webform automaton API. Webform Automation is available through the Agentz Pro plan

NEWS: Agentz launched its 3 AI Modes for automated chat

May 3, 2023 – Agentz expands conversational AI capabilities by launching three AI modes (Curated, Enhanced, and Creative) offering small business users faster-than-ever chatbot setup, customization flexibility, and complete control over their use of ChatGPT-powered generative AI.

Learn more about the Agentz Three AI Modes approach.

NEWS: Agentz publishes white paper on the Best Practices for Super-Charging SMB Customer Task Automation Using ChatGPT

April 19, 2023 – Agentz produces white paper sharing observations in efficiency, consistency, and control when combining ChatGPT with curated communication automation. Learn:

  • How Generative AI alone is not enough to automate customer interactions
  • How best to use Generative AI in conjunction with curated content & task automation – “Curated AI”
  • How AI can be used to drive customers to do what you want them to
  • How AI can improve lead quality & customer satisfaction
  • How to keep AI costs low and affordable for SMBs

Download free white paper.

NEWS: Agentz experiments using OpenAI's ChatGPT to see how it can support the Agentz automated assistant for SMBs

January 16, 2023 – OpenAI’s ChatGPT has generated a tremendous amount of interest, opinions and expectations about its potential use cases.

Agentz ran an experiment using real-world consumer queries from its automated assistant platform, testing those same queries on ChatGPT to see the results.

See our five findings on how Generative AI may have an impact on SMB platforms like the Agentz automated assistant.

Read the findings.

OpenAI ChatGPT Screenshot

NEWS: Agentz data can now be connected to more than 5000 apps through Zapier

September 23, 2022 – Agentz first-party leads and attribution data is now available as a Zapier connection to more than 5000 apps enabling easy, no-code workflow creation.

Why does this matter?
According to a recent Zapier Survey, 88% of companies believe a recession will likely occur within the next year and 47% plan to use automation to reduce costs during that time. 
Agentz supports SMBs seeking to cut costs and support their human teams by providing a low cost, world class Engagement & Communication Automation Tool designed just for them.  
Agentz + Zapier Logos

NEWS: Agentz data is now available through connectors in the TapClicks Marketplace

September 15, 2022 – First party data captured through the Agentz ECAT is now available in the TapClicks marketplace. 

For agencies that consume customer data from multiple sources, they can now include Agentz in their dashboards using our two connectors: Contacts – Pull in all lead and contact data Performance – Pull in all Agentz engagement and communication data

Using our TapClicks connectors, Agentz partners and users can build custom reports that leverage Agentz customer engagement data, demonstrating attribution and proving ROI of their marketing campaigns.

TapClicks is the global leader in marketing technology with more than 5,000 media companies, publishers, and agencies using their marketing data analytics platform which has transacted more than $5 billion in ad dollars and houses more than 1 million analytics dashboards. 

Agentz Joins TapClicks Marketplace

CASE STUDY: Despite Staffing Shortage, Fremont Dental Practice Cuts Costs, Grows Revenue and Improves Customer Experience Using Communication Automation

June 1, 2022 – The latest customer case study from Agentz shows how SMBs can leverage the power of ECAT automation tools to enhance their customer experience. 

For Serene Dental, located in Fremont, California, the Agentz automated assistant not only helped them communicate with patients during COVID restrictions, it gave them a new, unexpected way, to acquire patients even when they can’t pick up the phone.  Learn how Serene Dental uses Agentz successfully to grow their practice, improve patient experience and reduce the stress of small business operations.

Read more and access the full case study. 

Serene Dental Case Study

PRESS RELEASE: Agentz Partners with Duda Marketplace to Facilitate Automated Communication Between SMBs and Their Customers

Fremont, California – April 25, 2022Agentz, the AI-powered customer communication platform for SMS, voice, social media, and website, is announcing its partnership with Duda, a leading professional web building platform for digital agencies and SaaS companies. The partnership makes it easier for website builders using Duda to enable world-class AI customer engagement automation for their small and medium-sized business clients, helping them reduce front desk workloads by up to 20%. 

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NEWS: Custom Menus launched for all channels

April 12, 2022 – Further enhancing Agentz’ March product release, conversation menus can now be customized on website, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Google Local Messages channels.

Agentz provides five standard out-of-the-box conversation starters. Customizing the menu enables the business to better influence desired outcomes by providing a more tailored experience for customers depending on where they are communicating from.   

Menu Customization

NEWS: Automated conversations enabled on SMS, Facebook and Google

March 2, 2022 – Agentz’ latest product release includes some ease-of-use enhancements as well as major features including  the enablement of automated conversations on SMS, Facebook Messenger and Google Local Messages channels.

Agentz users will now be able to communicate with their customers from additional channels using AI-driven experiences. “Seamless missed call to SMS automated conversation experiences has been a top request from our users and partners” said Kerry Baldwin, Head of Channel Partnerships. “In conjunction with SMS we have also launched our Facebook Messenger and Google Messages integrations giving businesses even more ways to leverage automation to capture customers. This is a real godsend for those understaffed SMBs who are having a difficult time responding to all of their customers live.” 

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Agentz for Facebook Messenger

PRESS RELEASE: Agentz Data Reveals Nearly One in Four Consumers Prefer Communicating with Small Businesses Using Automated Assistants

Fremont, California – February 9, 2022 – With staffing shortages persisting for many small businesses, automated assistant technology is poised to ease the hiring gap.  Evidence comes from businesses that have installed the Agentz Automated Assistant showing a 37.2% increase in user engagement in 2021 as consumers demonstrate their willingness to self-service using smart automated tools vs. relying on live human help.

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