Agentz Partners with Duda Marketplace to Facilitate Automated Communication Between SMBs and Their Customers

The partnership will enable Agentz to provide best-in-class conversational AI communication assistance to Duda customers.

Fremont, California – April 25, 2022

Agentz, the AI-powered customer communication platform for SMS, voice, social media, and website, is announcing its partnership with Duda, a leading professional web building platform for digital agencies and SaaS companies. The partnership makes it easier for website builders using Duda to enable world-class AI customer engagement automation for their small and medium-sized business clients, helping them reduce front desk workloads by up to 20%. 
The Agentz automated assistant is the first true and comprehensive engagement & communication automation tool (ECAT) using an AI, NLP-driven engine that is purpose-built for small, medium, and micro-businesses. This technology enables SMBs to automate communication with their customers on SMS, Facebook Messenger, Google Messages, website, and missed call handling. With Agentz, businesses have the ability to respond to customers 24/7 and never miss another lead. Duda’s partners will have access to the Agentz automated assistant through the Duda Apps Marketplace, which offers best-in-class complementary tools that enhance the value of Duda websites. As the only multi-channel communication automation tool offered through the Marketplace, Agentz will extend the impact web design professionals have on their clients’ success.
Every day 30% of calls are missed by SMBs who find it challenging to manage calls and multiple other communication channels. Website builders and agencies using the Duda platform will be able to offer their clients world-class customer experience AI at a fraction of the cost of enterprise-level solutions. Agencies and businesses using Duda will have the ability to instantly reply to any missed call, text, or online inquiry, using sophisticated no-code and automation technology.
“Our product evolution is responding to the 76% of consumers who want to communicate with businesses using multiple channels like SMS, Facebook, and Google,” said Ketan Shah, Agentz CEO & Founder. “As the only no-code, out-of-the-box, ECAT purpose-built for small and medium businesses, we are thrilled to join Duda’s marketplace. Providing a way to elegantly solve common business challenges at a low cost has been our sole mission from day one, and this partnership brings us one step closer to achieving our goal.”
“SMS, in particular, has become a primary communication channel between consumers and businesses, and our customers are highly interested in the automation capabilities Agentz has built,” said Russell Jeffrey, Director of Ecosystem and Product Strategy at Duda. “Using Agentz,  Duda partners – which include web professionals, agencies, and SaaS platforms that serve SMBs – will be able to drive success for their clients across multiple channels and not just their websites. Agentz is an outstanding fit to join our marketplace of service providers.” 
About Duda
Duda’s mission is to make web design quick, easy, scalable, and painless. It’s the leading web design platform for web professionals, agencies, and SaaS platforms that serve SMBs. Since launching in 2010, one million sites have been published on the white-label Duda platform, and over 18,000 web professionals trust it enough to put their own name on it. Duda has raised more than $100 million in funding to date.
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