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Reduce operational costs while serving more customers using Agentz AI for intelligent call deflection and customer handling

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Agentz AI helps call centers exceed their targets

Agentz AI for Call Centers

Whether in-house or outsourced, operating a call center requires appropriate staffing levels, call efficiency, achieving targeted outcomes, and customer service and support excellence – all while maintaining profitability targets. Call deflection and diversion to Agentz AI automated SMS conversations supports these efforts.  

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Reduce call center costs

Save up to 20% of call center staff time using AI that can answer routine questions, take leads, schedule appointments, and influence specific outcomes. Increase operational profitability through fewer calls

  • Reduce wait times                     
  • Handle missed calls                    
  • Reduce repeat calls

Reduce call center costs

Serve more customers

Serve more customers

Agentz AI fills in the gap when your call center is busy or wait times exceed SLAs. Enhance your customer experience by diverting calls to AI in the off-hours, giving customers a 24/7 self-service option

  • Promote self service with AI chat on various channels
  • Intercept calls and offer SMS support
  • Automate incoming texts

Deflect low-value calls

Let your agents focus their time on high value customers by redirecting or even preventing inbound calls that can be easily handled using AI

  • Increase self service adoption
  • Give option to talk to live agent at any point in the customer journey

Deflect low-value calls

Image representing a call center using AI conversations to deflect low value calls

Integrate with your IVR

Workflow example of IVR to SMS transfer

Integrate with your IVR

Leverage conditional call forwarding to control when AI takes over or integrate with your IVR to provide customers the option to continue their conversation using AI SMS instead

  • Forward all calls during set hours/days
  • Forward calls under certain conditions
  • Forward calls to an AI SMS experience based on IVR selection

API Connectivity to your CRM

Custom integrations provide a seamless experience for your call center agents allowing you to: 

  • Consume chat transcripts
  • Watch conversations in real-time with “jump in” capability
  • Provide more personalized AI conversations by creating custom conversation workflows

Connect to your CRM using our API

Graphic of Agentz API to import leads into a third party CRM

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