Franchise & Multi-Location

Franchise & Multi-Location

How we help

Agentz’ solution meets the needs of the franchise owner while supporting the goals of the brand for communication & operational efficiency, customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth.

  • Attend and guide customers on phone, SMS, DM & web 24/7 across every location
  • Increase responsiveness of franchise locations
  • Unify phone, SMS & online communications
  • Offer location level communication options from corporate website
  • Reduce cost of human powered call centers

We’ll work with you to customize your automated assistant so that it is trained to handle the uniqueness of your brand. The insights your Agentz automated assistant will share with you, will keep you informed on how your network is performing down to the location level.

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How we're different

We've worked with SMBs for 20+ years and understand their unique challenges

We converge missed calls to automated or manual SMS conversations for seamless customer communications

We offer simple, low-cost, all inclusive pricing

We create a brand-specific knowledge base that is replicated across your network yet still has the flexibility for local customization


Installation and setup are a breeze at the national or location level. We’re designed to handle the nuances of customer experience across franchise and multi-location networks

We use our intelligent conversation flows to engage customers in order to drive them towards specific outcomes

As we gather data about how customers interact with your brand, the automated assistant learns and updates the knowledge base accordingly

Our technology

No heavy coding required.

  • Enablement is easy using our simple location-based pixel added to your website at the domain or subdomain level
  • Facebook Messenger and Google Messages are enabled simply by entering your page credentials
  • With your Agentz online dashboard, turn on/off the Agentz Automated Assistant at will for any location at any time – no going into the code of the website for simple pauses, starts or stops
  • Pre-built workflows come out-of-the-box

Our Technology

No heavy coding required.

Robust reporting.

Robust reporting

  • As the franchisor or multi-location owner, you will have access to see reports & stats from across your locations
  • Gain insights about the level of engagement with the Automated Assistant during and after business hours
  • Things like call reports, captured contacts and appointments help show success at the location level

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