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Launch instant automated AI conversations with your customers via SMS.

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Instant SMS conversations

Connect Now SMS allows you to offer your text-loving customers a way to communicate with you on their terms – 24/7. Best of all, conversations are handled using AI trained specifically for your business. This allows customers to self-service many of their needs and alleviates your staff from having to interact with every customer live.
Unlike the standard website chatbot window, Connect Now is flexible and can be placed anywhere on your website, landing page, or other digital property where you have the ability to insert a simple javascript.
Connect Now is great for capturing more leads while allowing customers to self-service their needs. 

Instant SMS conversations

Woman holding a mobile device using SMS to hold an AI conversation with a plumber

How Connect Now works

Agentz AI Connect Now widget process diagram

How Connect Now works

The Connect Now widget allows customers to submit their mobile number to launch an instant AI SMS conversation on their mobile device.
Customers can ask questions and have them answered using generative AI, schedule appointments, capture lead forms, view pictures and videos, see special offers, and view reviews. Anything your website bot can do – Connect Now can do via SMS! 

Place Connect Now anywhere

Great places to include your Connect Now widget are in any area of the body of your website, the header or the footer.
If you are experimenting with landing pages and having a hard time converting visitors to form fills or other calls-to-action, consider adding a Connect Now widget to serve customers with immediate needs.

Place Connect Now anywhere

Placement ideas for the Agentz Connect Now SMS conversation launcher widget

Customize Connect Now

Agentz Connect NOW SMS widget customization options

Customize Connect Now

Customize your Connect Now widget to match your website. Select your button and font colors and choose from our standard array of font styles and sizes.
Connect Now can be embedded on your site or as a pop-up dialog box to capture your cusomer’s mobile number. 
High traffic websites may appreciate adding Captcha with a simple toggle on or off.

Support your existing chatbot

Already have an existing websote bot you are happy with? Most chatbots don’t offer automated SMS conversations which is why we created Connect Now SMS. By adding Connect Now to your customer engagement and lead capture strategies, you can start offering automated SMS conversations with your customers today.

Connect Now specifically handles automated SMS conversations which can be launched from anywhere you place the widget. Even if you already have a website  bot, Connect Now SMS is a great way to capture even more customers across your digital properties.

Learn more about the value of Connect Now SMS for small business customer communications.

Support your existing chatbot

Connect Now Mobile showing SMS conversation between roofer and customer

Try it out

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  • Never miss a call: ChatGPT-powered AI assistant for website, missed calls and SMS. Designed for the busy SMB who can't answer every call and wants to save $ on expensive answering services.


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  • AI for power users. Custom conversation flows and lead capture forms. Integrate with webforms, Google Chat, Facebook Messenger, QR codes and our Connect Now SMS conversation launcher.


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  • Integrate Agentz into your own product offering. Bundle, white label, offer as complementary standalone. Attractive pricing discounts for resellers with fast, easy API integrations.

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