Three AI Modes

Customized or out-of-the-box, Agentz puts AI control in your hands making it faster than ever to activate an exceptional automated AI chatbot experience for your customers.

Three AI Modes

Our approach to AI

When it comes to generating answers to customer questions, we believe that AI works best when content is curated for each individual business.

But, we also understand it’s difficult to think up every possible question a customer might ask, so leveraging the full power of AI provides an enormous advantage.

That’s why we developed the first ever 3-mode AI chat for small business.

Three modes offering smarter business controls

Agentz AI modes

When answering customer questions, your automated assistant will always refer to your custom Q&A Knowledgebase first. When enabled, Enhanced Mode and Creative Mode kick in as fallback options when your custom Q&A can’t answer a question. Now who doesn’t love that? 

Curated Mode

Take full control

  • Instruct the AI to rely on your custom Q&A Knowledgebase, keeping responses accurate and consistent. Enable our pre-trained Q&A by industry, modify, or simply add your own!
Setup time: 15 - 30 minutes

Enhanced Mode

Near full control

  • Allow the AI to scan your website for answers and upload documents giving the AI even more resources. Responses are strong on accuracy but may differ from user to user. Easy!
Setup time: < 5 minutes

Creative Mode

Limited control

  • Unleash the AI and let it respond to any question using ChatGPT’s access to vast amounts of information - great for general, industry informational type questions. Cool!
Setup time: mere seconds

Want to activate an AI chatbot without lifting all 10 fingers? Well, now you can.

Benefits of the Agentz AI modes

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Fast setup

Our Creative AI mode is the fastest setup in the west with mere minutes to get started, while our Enhanced AI mode requires just a couple minutes more. Nice!

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As Detailed as You Want to Be

For the overachiever, our Curated AI mode can be completed in as little as 15 - 30 minutes depending on the level of detail desired. (Don’t worry, even our Curated AI mode has task automation tools like bulk upload & edit tools to make it easy breezy).

Icon representing user control

You're In Control

Designed to answer as many questions as possible while providing options for how questions are answered, our AI modes put users in complete control over their set up effort, how they want questions to be answered, and their end-customer experience.

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