AI Chat Automation for Google Business Messages

AI Chat Automation for Google Business Messages

Cafe owners who use Agentz AI automated assistant to handle their Google Chat messages

Use AI chat to respond instantly, 24/7/365

By integrating the Agentz automated assistant with your Google Local Messages, you can respond to 100% of your Google Messages Chat inquiries real-time including the 30% of customers who contact you after hours.

AI automation for Google Chat for a Fremont CA dentist

Use AI chat to respond instantly, 24/7/365

Connect using your Google Local page credentials

Login screen to connect Agentz AI chat with Google Messages

Connect using your Google Local page credentials

Super simple!

We make it easy to connect your Agentz automated assistant to your Google Messages chat without the need for any technical coding.

Google will reward you

Enhance your Local Business Profile with “usually responds in 15 minutes”.

Automation removes the risk of Google disabling your Chat button.

Google will reward you

Mobile view of AI for Google Chat for a Fremont CA dentist

Your customers will thank you

Your customers will thank you

Customers who are able to self-service their needs are happier customers and more likely to give you a positive review.

The more than 133 million Android users in the US will thank you!

Consumers would rather chat than call

Don’t be offended! Calls can be time consuming while AI chat for Google is a fast and cost effective way to communicate with more customers. Some stats:

  • 87% of consumers expect an immediate response when contacting a business
  • 74% of consumers don’t want to talk to agents for simple tasks
  • 73% of consumers prefer chat/text to IVR

Consumers would rather chat than call

Reduce your workload by up to 20%

Reduce your workload by up to 20%

Your day just got easier.

Your AI automated assistant instantly responds to inbound Google Messages, answers routine questions real-time, and captures more purchase-ready buyers while also reducing spam and unqualified leads.

Supercharge your FAQs with our pretrained knowledgebase

Say goodbye to Google Chat’s 10 FAQ limit.

Your Agentz automated assistant comes pre-trained by industry with dozens of questions, allows for unlimited customization, and even allows responses to include links, pictures and videos.

Our Generative AI helps you easily create custom questions and answers for your business – as many as you like!

Supercharge your FAQs with our pretrained knowledgebase

questions & answers

What our customers say



Agentz has been life saver for our growing carpet business. I used to miss calls when I am at the client sites. I don’t worry about missed calls anymore.”

Konark, Business Manager


“Now, we no longer miss people after hours. We see 30 – 40% of appointment requests come after hours.”

Scott, Owner,

Webdgs Marketing Agency

Agentz has increased the effectiveness of our marketing programs. We convert more prospects into customers.”

Business owner contractor that uses AI chat for Google Messages while holding a drill

Large business features at a small business price

Agentz was designed for you. Communicate with your customers at an unbelievably low cost of less than $5 per day.

Other AI providers charge $400 or more each month but don’t provide nearly the same level of features that Agentz does.

Agentz features - you get it all


  • AI powered chat

  • Live human hand-off chat
  • Business profile including business summary, picture and video assets, special offers, links to reviews page
  • Pre-trained, industry specific knowledgebase offering complete customization
  • Lead capture form
  • Chat menu customization and color branding
  • Appointment request/calendar integration
  • Monitor interactions on your website in real-time
  • Universal inbox for web and mobile views
  • Performance dashboard


  • Website

  • SMS

  • Google Messages Chat

  • Facebook Messenger Chat
  • Missed call handling & conversion to automated SMS conversation
  • QR code generation and scans to SMS, web, mail, or call
  • Integrations

    • TapClicks

    • Zapier

    Communication & notifications

    • Lead notifications via SMS and email to unlimited users
    • One-way SMS auto response messages to customers
    • Two-way SMS

    • Missed text handling
    • Customizable canned response library

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    Using our easy connection to your Google Business Messages, you can instantly communicate with more customers, at all hours – even while you sleep! 

    Give us a test run for thirty days to experience how AI chat automation can enhance your customer experience and your business results.

    Afterwards, pay only $149 per month. No contracts. No commitments.