Pilot Program Opportunities

White Label Multi-Channel AI Assistant for Integrated Resellers

Calling All Innovators:
Be a Pioneer in Multi-Lingual AI Conversations!

Is your company exploring cutting-edge technologies to help your clients succeed in business? Look no further! At Agentz we’re excited to introduce our latest initiative: multi-lingual capabilities for our AI Assistant.

We’re particularly excited about how our partners will be able to leverage our multi-lingual AI Assistant¬† to unlock new opportunities in untapped markets. By joining our pilot program, partners gain exclusive access to a groundbreaking solution that they can offer to their customers, opening doors to new revenue streams and expanding their reach into diverse markets worldwide. Whether you’re a technology provider, a solutions integrator, or a reseller, partnering with us means gaining a competitive edge and empowering your customers with the latest in communication technology. Let’s work together to revolutionize how businesses connect across languages and borders!¬†

We’re currently seeking forward-thinking companies to participate in our pilot program and experience the power of our multi-lingual AI Assistant firsthand. As a pilot participant, you’ll have exclusive access to our innovative technology and the opportunity to shape its development with your feedback.

Why join our pilot program at Agentz?

  • Gain early access to cutting-edge AI technology
  • Break down language barriers and expand your global reach
  • Collaborate with our team to tailor the product to your specific needs
  • Be recognized as a leader in leveraging AI for business innovation

If you’re ready to revolutionize communication within your organization and gain a competitive edge in the global market, we want to partner with you!

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