Automating Customer Engagement

Engagement & Communication Automation Tools (ECATs) enable routine tasks and answer common questions for consumers, freeing up as much as 20% of business front desk workloads.

Automating Customer Engagement

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Understanding the Customer Experience Dilemma

We live in a world with changing consumer expectations. Everything is urgent. Pricing wars are building. Product and service differentiators are narrowing and customer loyalty is no longer reliable. SMBs that focus on customer experience can create the brand loyalty they need to thrive.

Contemporary automation is capable of creating a great customer experience that includes a personal touch combined with the efficiency of self-service that consumers increasingly desire. Experience begins the first time a customer engages and communicates with a business – automation faces that challenge head-on.

The Evolution of Engagement & Communication Automation Tools

ECATs evolved out of a need to solve the challenge businesses have of responding to customers quickly enough (83% of consumers expect instant replies, 24/7) and creating that great customer experience.
Since the majority of customer interactions are routine or repetitive, ECATs are able to use technologies like conversational AI, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to elegantly automate and optimize customer interactions and experiences.
Although common for enterprises, customer engagement, communication & routine task automation has been prohibitive for SMBs due to technological complexity, local know-how and cost.
Agentz is the first company to develop a true, comprehensive ECAT purpose-built for SMBs that offers a simple, no-code out-of-box experience pre-trained to handle common questions across many industries, at a very low cost. 
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What Makes an ECAT an ECAT?

In order to solve the SMB communication and experience challenge, ECATs include five must-have features leveraging AI & NLP to engage with consumers, enable customer self-service, improve customer experience, drive more highly qualified leads and interactions, and ease business workloads.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and NLP

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad spectrum of technology that enables the automation of tasks that are commonly performed by intelligent beings, using algorithms and the intelligence gained through the “training” of sample data sets. This process of gaining intelligence using training data sets is based on mathematical algorithms and is referred to as “machine learning.”

Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is the component of AI where technology can understand and process natural language, like English or French.

Agentz has spent years simplifying NLP so that our technology can easily understand commonly asked business questions within SMB industries. This head start enables Agentz users to easily automate responses to common customer inquiries and create a pleasing customer experience through the use of additional links, pictures, and videos within a natural, conversational flow.

Pre-training by Industry

Large, enterprise businesses typically have access to mountains of data, making it easier for them to use AI and NLP to automate customer experiences. It’s not as easy for SMBs, though, as they rarely have enough of their own stored customer interaction data that could be tapped into to configure the automation of routine customer inquiries.

The Agentz ECAT solution comes pre-trained in dozens of SMB categories within medical, legal, real estate, home services, and more, so that SMBs have an out-of-box experience without the need for an engineer or coding. Example questions that Agentz can routinely answer are things like “Do you offer emergency plumbing?” or “What are your current mortgage rates?”

Broad Coverage of Channels Consumers Prefer

76% of consumers prefer to use multiple channels when communicating with a business. This is one of the SMBs greatest challenge – keeping up with communications across so many.  

Agentz makes this much easier by enabling communication automation across missed call handling, SMS, website, Facebook Messenger, Google Local Messages, and other media such as print with QR codes and digital landing pages. This broad coverage is designed to ensure that no lead or customer is missed and that the consumer is always attended to, when contacting a business.

Engagement, Not Just Lead Capture

Non-ECATs typically focus on simple lead capture without first engaging and communicating with the customer. Unfortunately, this method often results in too many time wasting leads of no value. ECATs are designed to pre-qualify customers by answering their questions and then directing them down the funnel path to the point of conversion, when the conversation best warrants. 

This engagement process enables greater call deflection. Call deflection is when customers can either self-service their needs and therefore don’t require live assistance, or they can disqualify themselves if the business can’t help them. ECAT-enabled call deflection is a big time-saver for businesses who are able to serve customers efficiently as well as ward off those who are not a fit based on service area, budget or specific need.

Data Driven Continuous Learning

Agentz takes advantage of continuous learning from the thousands of interactions that occur daily between businesses and consumers conversing through Agentz. Analyzing the generalized, non-private data, allows Agentz to continually improve customer interactions and overall experience.

Additional Benefits of the Agentz
Automated Assistant ECAT

Built for SMBs

  • Agentz is the first ECAT purpose-built for small and medium sized businesses. We understand the unique challenges SMBs face in a digitally underserved market and have designed a platform that is easy to use and does what it was designed to do - ensure that businesses never miss another customer.

Easy Setup

  • Enterprise businesses have access to highly sophisticated tools that typically require an engineer and weeks or months of coding to implement. Agentz understands the value of simplicity for busy SMBs and therefore offers a no-code setup process that uses a simple wizard. In minutes, a business can sign up and start automating consumer interactions on multiple channels.

Customization for a Personal Touch

  • AI, NLP and automation do not mean a lack of personalization. We know that not all businesses are the same - even within the same industry. Two lawyers, for example, may have different answers to the same question or provide different, specialized services. The Agentz out-of-the-box experience makes it very easy for businesses to customize the solution for their own, perfect customer experience.

Partner Integrations

  • Integrated and reseller partners can be up and running in as little as 30 days using our easy API integration and white label capabilities.

Unified Inbox/CRM

  • Agentz comes equipped with a simple CRM and unified inbox to track every interaction on every channel. The inbox makes it easy to view all automated customer conversation and interaction histories, reply to customers and view metrics including engagements by channel and leads captured.

Low Cost

  • We offer the most comprehensive and all inclusive solution at the lowest cost in the industry. Period. Other services charge twice as much as Agentz, or even more, without the multi-channel features, pre-trained knowledgebase and easy, no-code customization capabilities.

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What our customers say

Agentz has been life saver for our growing carpet business. I used to miss calls when I am at the client sites. I don’t worry about missed calls anymore.”



“Now, we no longer miss people after hours. We see 30 – 40% of appointment requests come after hours.”

Konark, Business Manager


Agentz has increased the effectiveness of our marketing programs. We convert more prospects into customers.”

Scott, Owner,

Webdgs Marketing Agency