We Reveal the Top 10 Conversation Intents Dental Patients Have When Communicating With Practices Using the Agentz Automated Assistant

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Automation Isn’t Just for Taking Messages Anymore

Contrary to the beliefs of many dental practice owners, patients are proving that they are very comfortable using easy to use self-service automation tools that mimic live conversations enabling them to complete basic requests and support tasks on their own. 

This frees up time for the practice to interact with customers who call in live or are at their practice – giving them full attention while automation handles the rest.

Dental practice users of the Agentz automation assistant saw a 32% increase in overall customer visit-to-engagement ratio in 2021 leaping from a 21.8% rate in Q1 to 28.8% in Q4. This equated to more than one-fourth of patients choosing the automation route, relieving practices of the need to respond live, 24/7.

A full 26.4% of patients in 2021 chose to use the Agentz automated assistant when communicating with dental practices.

Challenges Dental Practices Face in 2022

Due to the inherent challenges that come with running a small business, along with current unprecedented labor shortages, dental practices are struggling more than ever to handle all of their inbound support and new patient inquiries live. These include calls, social media messages, SMS text and lead form capture. 

The inability to quickly respond to multiple sources of patient requests results in lost patient leads, frustrated patients, loss of revenue and poor online reviews.

The Labor Shortage Impact

Labor shortages are predicted to remain for some time. Termed the “Great Resignation,” November 2021 saw a record 4.5 million Americans quitting their jobs, or about 3% of the workforce. This is up from 4.2 million in October. 

Pandemic effects and worker preferences for better wages, hours and working conditions means that employers are fighting for the best talent and paying an all-time premium for it. Practices have been hit, especially in states with higher minimum wage laws. Eighty-one states and cities are raising their minimum wage in 2022, including 44 cities which are increasing theirs to $15 or more per hour.

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An analysis of Agentz conversation data for dental practices showed some remarkable numbers regarding the rapid growth in adoption of patients who are comfortable using automation to engage with a practice.

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  • The huge % of patient engagements that result in the sharing of contact information
  • The tiny % of patients that request live help (the small number will surprise you!)

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