AI Assistants: Revolutionizing Customer Service for Service-Based Small Businesses

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In the competitive landscape of service-based industries, delivering exceptional customer service is crucial for small businesses to thrive. However, managing customer inquiries, scheduling appointments, and providing prompt responses can be a daunting task. For small businesses with limited resourrces and staff, itt’s that much harder.

Small Businesses are Valuing AI for Productivity

A recent Forbes study shows that 64% of businesses expect AI to increase their overall productivity. At, we understand the unique challenges faced by service-based businesses like roofing companies, dental practices, and law firms. That’s why we’re focused on making advanced AI technologies accessible and affordable for alll businesses.

Imagine having a virtual assistant that can handle customer inquiries 24/7. One that can respond promptly to questions, schedule appointments, and offer promotional information. One that frees up your team to focus on delivering top-notch services. According to a study by IBM, 65% of consumers prefer engaging with AI assistants for simple tasks, as they find them more efficient and convenient than traditional channels.

Agentz serves small businesses in more than 100 industries. We’ll review a few examples of how AI Assistants help them increase their productivity.

64% of businesses expect AI to increase their overall productivity

AI for Home Services

For a small roofing company, an AI assistant can be a game-changer, responding to inquiries about services, pricing, and availability, even during off-hours or periods of high demand. This ensures that no potential customer is left waiting, and every lead is promptly addressed, improving customer satisfaction and driving business growth. Research by Salesforce (Source: Salesforce, “State of Service” report, 2020) revealed that 69% of consumers prefer chatbots for quick communication with brands, as they provide instant responses and can resolve simple queries without human intervention.

69% of consumers prefer bots for instant responses to resolve simple queries

AI for Medical & Dental

In the medical and dental industries, where patient experience is paramount, an AI assistant can streamline appointment scheduling, answer frequently asked questions about procedures and insurance coverage, and even provide post-treatment care instructions. This helps practices ensure a seamless and personalized experience for every patient. A study by Accenture found that 83% of consumers said they would be more loyal to a brand that offered an easy-to-use AI assistant for customer service. This suggests that AI can positively impact customer loyalty and retention.

AI for Professional Services

For legal professionals, an AI assistant can be an invaluable asset, responding to inquiries about services, providing initial consultations. With AI collecting necessary information, lawyers can focus on their core expertise while maintaining a high level of responsiveness to potential clients. According to a survey by Capgemini Research Institute (Source: Capgemini Research Institute, “Smart Talk: Engaging Customers through AI-powered Speech” report, 2022), 54% of consumers globally prefer interacting with AI assistants for basic customer service queries, as they find it convenient and efficient.

AI Assistants Save Time for Small Business

By leveraging AI assistants, service-based small businesses can save valuable time and resources. AI ensures that every customer inquiry is addressed promptly and professionally without compromising on the quality of service delivery. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also drives business growth and competitiveness. A study by Forrester (Source: Forrester, “The State of Customer Experience 2022” report) found that 63% of online consumers were either somewhat or very willing to use AI-enabled customer service channels, indicating a growing acceptance of AI-powered interactions.

63% of online consumers were either somewhat or very willing to use AI-enabled customer service channels

At, we are committed to continuous innovation, ensuring that our AI assistants remain user-friendly, affordable, and tailored to the unique needs of service-based small businesses. AI enables us to help empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.