See How Roofers Using the Agentz AI Assistant Captured 69% More Leads During the Peak Season in 2023

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Roofing leads can cost anywhere from $40 – $120+ depending on location and the time of year. Immediately engaging with customers who are purchase-ready is key to maximizing marketing spend. 

Roofers using Agentz AI to engage with customers on their website and handle their missed calls exeperienced strong lead capture in 2023, especially during the peak spring/summer seasons.

Using AI, roofers are able to communicate with more customers and capture more inbound roofing leads by converting website visitors and missed calls to contacts. Agentz generative AI is able to hold conversations to capture more customer leads and ensure that roofers never miss a customer – 24/7.

Agentz AI Case Study for Roofers 2023
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About Agentz

Agentz AI is the perfect backup plan for the busy roofer who is unable respond live to every customer question or answer every call.

Communicating on websites, landing pages, via SMS, Facebook Messenger, Google Chat and QR codes, the Agentz AI Assistant is the only multi-channel AI communication solution for small business that helps catprue more roofing leads. 

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