Top 10 Clever Ways Agentz Customers Have Implemented Custom AI Conversation Starters

Top 10 AI Conversation Starters

Don’t Just Attempt to Capture Leads – Tell Your Customers What You Want Them To Do Most

Most digital services in the “chatbot” space are simple customer contact form-fills on the business website.  These do not provide an engaging experience for customers nor do they result in qualified leads.

Enter true customer engagement tools, like Agentz, that cover interactions across social media, website, voice and SMS.  Customer engagement offers AI-driven conversations that enable the customer to learn more about a business, have their questions answered and complete tasks like booking appointments or sending a message.

Engagement is driven by conversation starters – prompts in the conversation window that inform the customer what type of information is readily available to them as well as the tasks they can complete on their own.

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But there is a LOT more that can be done when those conversations are customized at the individual business level.  How about liquidating stale inventory, driving event registrations, highlighting new product lines, pre-qualifying leads or increasing the number of reviews for your business? 

By telling customers what you want them to do, oftentimes they will do it!

Here we lay out the top 10 clever ways we have seen Agentz customers implementing custom AI conversation starters that work:

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Engagement begins when either the business or the customer asks a question.  Using intelligent conversation prompts helps SMBs increase engagement with customers which leads to more qualified leads, increased revenue, and greater customer satisfaction. 

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