White Paper – A Case Study for Automation: Agentz Data Signals

Agentz White Paper Thumbnail 2 Jan 11

Consumers Increasingly Value Automated Responses
from SMBs to their Inquiries

2021 was a year of constant flux for many small businesses.  COVID shutdowns and challenges with hiring places many small businesses in the predicament of how to handle customer volume without the traditional resources.

Our 2021 review of user data shows that SMBs who implemented our automation assistant allowing customers to self-direct their sales and support inquiries with SMBs paid off.

Consumer engagement with the Agentz automated assistant grew by 37% over the year with surprising results on how they used the communication tool.

Download our white paper and learn:

  • The top 24 conversation intents using automation
  • The key trends for how customers engage with self-directed automation tools
  • How labor shortages impacted the user adoption of automation in 2021
  • How automation does double duty enabling self-serve support as well as fills the sales pipeline
  • How SMBs can mitigate the rising costs of employees – especially with many states and cities enacting increased minimum wages in 2022
Agentz White Paper 10-JAN-2022 A Case for Automation Agentz Data Signals Thumbnail